Month: December 2017

‘DBS’ Spoiler Details Gohan’s Battle With Toppo

Dragon Ball fans may be concentrated on Jiren nowadays, yet there is another Universe 11 warrior you must be watching. Toppo is ready to make a comeback on Dragon Ball Super, and it appears Gohan is going to bear the brunt of it. This week, week by week Shonen Jump is ready to share a summary

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Uncovered How Much Stronger Jiren Can Get

Dragon Ball Super is moving fast toward the finale of its Tournament of Power arc, with Universe 7 contenders left standing against the terrifying power of Jiren and the Universe 11 Pride Troopers. After the show of power from Jiren during the midpoint of the tournament, fans have been thinking exactly how powerful the enigmatic

Goku & Frieza VS Jiren And Toppo

Hello everyone. There are just 3 universes left in the Tournament of Power. Things are getting increasingly extraordinary as the Tournament is going to end. Just 10 more minutes have left in the Tournament of Power. If you follow the spoilers and everything else, you will realize that Universe 3 will aslo be deleted. In

Jiren looks terrified for the first time so far

Hello guys! Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 is already out, and if you have not watched it yet, do it, because this article will contain spoilers from the episode. If you already have watched it, let us get directly into it. Ep.121 of “DBS” was great. We had Universe 3 go all out versus Universe

Did ‘Dragon Ball Super’s Narrator Betray Gohan?

Dragon Ball Super is entering its last stage in the Tournament of Power, with the end of Universe 3 bringing the last contender count to eight warriors between Universe 7 and 11. However, a detail caught series fans by surprise. And that is the way the narrator secretly or not, threw some shade at Gohan.

New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoiler Shows Vegeta Wreck Jiren

The most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super showed the elimination of Universe 3, leaving only U7 and 11 as the last two universes in the Tournament of Power. As only 8 fighters and 9min are left in the T.O.P, fans are certainly going to be excited to see it entering the last stages. What