5 Important Questions About ‘Dragon Ball Super’s New God of Destruction

Dragon Ball Super fans are going crazy right now, after this week’s batch of upcoming episode spoilers uncovered that Toppo is set to become U11’s next God of Destruction! The implications of this radical twist in the last match-up of the T.O.P are far-reaching, as they could change the very idea of Dragon Ball Super’s storyline and interest. After considering this impending development for a bit, we have thought of 5 Important Questions About Dragon Ball Super’s next God of Destruction:

5. What will happen to Belmond?

We realize that Gods of Destruction are not the same as Supreme Kais and Angels: A Destroyer can be a mortal of any kind, whose strength and ki achieves certainly godly levels that make him/her deserving of candidacy for the God of Destruction successor. However, the criteria of succession for a Destroyer are still currently unrevealed.

On the off chance that Toppo becomes a God of Destruction, at that point what will happen to Belmond, the present Destroyer of Universe 11? It appears that a fighter simply needs achieve god ki status to be worthy; then again, it appears like there must be a type of official rite of passage that needs to happen, as the next Destroyer inherits the title from his predecessor. In this situation (and given the idea of being a “Destroyer”), we are somewhat worried that Belmond’s “retirement” will likewise be a death sentence of sorts – whether his ki is ingested by Toppo, or he is basically discharged from his mortal form.

4. What is Toppo’s agenda?

The activity of a Destroyer is pretty obviously plot in the activity title (…destroy anything); however, how a God of Destruction approaches doing his job can shift incredibly. Universe 11 has been a particularly charming case in that Belmond uses his strength and Pride Trooper warriors to enforce justice and peace in his universe, destroying only some races or even planets that are threats for the other universe with extraordinary evil. That is a long ways from, say, Beerus, who has an exceptionally… fluid morality, here and there tapping evil creatures like Frieza to be his partners of destruction.

Toppo is considered as a hero of justice in his universe, and one would guess that he would emulate Belmond’s example as a God of Destruction, however that is not in the least ensured! We already know the old saying about how power defiles, and often the greatest villains are those who sincerely believe they are a force for order or honorableness. In Dragon Ball Super (especially the manga) we have already seen Toppo “reconsider his principals” to do whatever is needed to win the Tournament of Power and maintain a strategic distance from elimination; so how god-like power influences him, and what he intends to do with it, is a important question.

3. How Will Jiren Expect This?

The Dragon Ball Super manga recently uncovered more backstory of Toppo, Jiren, and the Pride Troopers, and we discovered that Jiren was additionally a candidate for the God of Destruction role, at last turning it down because the fact of being a Destroyer clashes with his selfless philosophy as a fighter for justice.

A same question to no. 4 above is how will Jiren respond to Toppo’s new role as a God of Destruction, and will the present Pride Trooper teammates still be in agreement after the Tournament of Power? Depending on Toppo’s new motivation and vision as a Destroyer, Jiren could have a major difference to settle – which will be that substantially harder if Toppo’s rising comes by way of a power-up that makes him much stronger than Jiren. Given the ways that Dragon Ball loves to transform previous adversaries into unlikely partners (like: Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza, Androids 17 & 18, Majin Buu, Beerus…) it makes us think that soon we will see Goku and his friends battling alongside Jiren, instead of against him.

2. Will Goku and his friends die together with Universe 7?

At the present time, the situation of Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power is not the best. It is down to Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Android 17 and Frieza left for U7, and Jjiren, Toppo and Dyspo for U11. Spoilers have already uncovered that Android 17 is going to be eliminated battling Toppo alongside Gohan, while Jiren will crush a Goku and Vegeta tag-team offensive. Gohan and Fireza do not appear to have a good chance of defeating by Dyspo & Toppo, with the last potentially accomplishing godhood by eliminating Universe 7.

On the off chance Universe 7 loses in the Tournament of Power, at that point it will also be erased at the hands of the Zenos – yet this being Dragon Ball, there is always space for one or some of the Z fighters to survive, by one means or another. If Dragon Ball Super killed off its major characters for temporarily, it would be an exceptionally intense move for the series to make, as fans would be forced to take after the U11 characters in what might basically be a soft (if only impermanent) reboot of the franchise. If Goku or one of his friends figure out how to survive erasure, or find themselves in some weird new realities, the mission to restore Universe 7 would clarify why the “Universe Survival” arc will continue for so long.

1. It is safe to say that we are Headed to Universe 11?

Given the idea of the Tournament of Power, it appears that if Toppo turns into a God of Destruction, and Universe 7 is vanished by the Grand Zenos, then Dragon Ball Super will require a change of setting as the “Universe Survival” arc goes on.

As laid out above, things truly rely upon the destiny of Universe 7 in the tournament. If U7 in a way or another, survives, or is sent to one of the afterlife realms after erasure, then hypothetically the show could disregard all about the other Universe presented during the tournament. However, it appears to be more probable that we will be taking either a full or halfway trip to a new reality after the Tournament, and there have already been bread pieces dropped in both the manga and anime that Universe 11 will get more top to bottom exploration. Given that making a trip to Jiren’s home reality might be the best way to learn more about the enigmatic fighter, we’re all just for this alternative!

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