Everything you need to know about Andorid 17

Android 17 (人造人間17号 Jinzōningen Jū Nana-Gō, lit. “Manufactured Human No. 17”), Lapis (ラピス Rapisu) when he was a common Human, is the twin sibling of Android 18 and Dr. Gero’s seventeenth android creation, a cyborg due to being a human at a certain point, and one of his first human subjects, intended to serve Gero’s feud against Goku, who toppled the Red Ribbon Army as a youngster. Regardless of his interests not at first veering off from this desire, Android 17 willingly volunteers murder Dr. Gero, who is uncooperative with Android 18’s interest in enacting Android 16 and considered second rate by 17.

Android 17 makes an arrival 10 years after the fact in Dragon Ball Super, acting as a national stop officer protecting natural life from poachers. He is hitched and has a youngster, with two more kids being received. He is requested that by Goku join Team Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power in the Universe Survival Saga



Android 17 is a youthful with a short, thin form, much like his twin sister, Android 18. He has mid length dark hair and thin, blue eyes. Underneath his hair, he has two gold band hoops. He wears an orange bandanna around his neck. He wears a short sleeve dark shirt with the Red Ribbon Army’s logo, and, underneath, he wears a long-sleeve white shirt. He wears a belt to hold up his Levis which have a tear recently over the knee of the left leg. Just beneath the principal belt he wears another belt with a firearm holster and another pocket, in spite of the fact that he disposes of it when the Androids touch base at Goku’s home. Android 17 wears green socks and blue and white shoes. Amid his cameo in the Buu Saga, he wears a blue coat over his dresses alongside white gloves, and amid the Super 17 Saga, he wears a tan, knee-length coat and tan gloves.

When showing up in Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 wears a white shirt with “MIR” engraved on it, with green sleeves and pants. He has dark shoes and wears a tan shaded belt. To his left side sleeve is an orange armband that says “Officer.” 17 likewise has dark gloves, his haircut was changed marginally to look like his twin sister’s hairdo, however the other way, now separating to one side rather than the center, in spite of the fact that this was a fine art blunder, and in later scenes, his hair was separated in the center once more. He additionally wears silver band studs.


At first a heedless revolutionary, Android 17 later uncovers himself to be minimal more than a dissident without a reason. He discovers bliss in causing frenzy and follows up on impulses. The majority of his decisions amid his underlying appearance were roused by what he called “The Game”, alluding to their mission to discover and eradicate Goku.

While delighting in his improved may separating him from others, Android 17 despised his robotics that were constrained on him, as Android 18 uncovered while rejecting Semi-Perfect Cell’s endeavors at persuading Android 18 into converging with him. This is likely a direct result of the injury he encountered due to being hijacked by Gero. It might likewise be because of his adoration for nature, as he was never again normal when Gero transformed him into an Android.

When he is resuscitated by Shenron as a result of a desire that reestablished both the lives of the greater part of Cell’s casualties and all the harm caused amid the Cell Games, Android 17 goes ahead to carry on with an existence of peace in lack of definition. Toward the finish of Dragon Ball Z, Android 17 gave vitality to Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb to obliterate Kid Buu. He returns in Dragon Ball GT when the researchers Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu mentally program him clairvoyantly, and he is in the end intertwined with Hell Fighter 17, a Machine Mutant variant of himself made by the researchers in Hell, to shape Super 17. Indeed, even without the capacity to keep up his brain, in any case, 17 still displays affectability, generally towards his sister. This distinct difference an unmistakable difference to Future Android 17, where he is a deadly sociopath who administers to nobody yet himself and his kin. While under Dr. Myuu’s control, he powers his changed self to uncover his own particular feeble guide, accordingly permitting Goku toward murder him.

Android 17’s most grounded individual quality is his feeling of self. He does his best to oppose the will of Dr. Gero, and later, Dr. Myuu, and battles a useless fight against Imperfect Cell to declare his personality and his pride. He is additionally presumptuous in his energy, trusting that no one was more grounded than him and stalwartly denying it on the off chance that somebody said something else. This changed when he saw Cell and Android 16’s quality in fight.

He is likewise to some degree cruel, as he has a Colt M1911, utilizing it against regular citizens in lieu of his own energy. He apparently discovers beguilement in the frenzy which he causes with it, in both Future Trunks’ and the present courses of events. This gun can be seen holstered to his character demonstrate in the computer game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3.

As supported by his sister, Android 17 is to some degree like Goku, demonstrating a honest demeanor on occasion. He regularly tries to locate a fun intends to finish his objectives, as he influenced his endeavor to find Goku as just an amusement, to even intentionally abstaining from requesting headings to “play the diversion.” Similarly, he tends to go off the street amid their go to Goku’s home essentially in light of the fact that he thought it was “fun”, much to 18’s disturbance. In the anime, when he holds up two seekers with a specific end goal to deceive them into giving their energies to Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb expected to vanquish Kid Buu, Android 17 says that they won before raising his own hand as well.

Android 17’s renegade without a reason identity has since been tempered by his occupation, as he diverted his to some degree rebel and silly propensities into taking care of poachers and different people of illicit goal or occupation inside the Royal Nature Park with startling effectiveness. His hyperactive nature simply did not have a legitimate concentration some time recently, and when given a continuous target, it can be seen that 17 is to a great degree engaged and committed to accomplishing his objectives. 17, be that as it may, did not lose his comical inclination in his work, as when he halted the two seekers and deceived them into offering vitality to the Super Spirit Bomb, he was unmistakably diverted.

His slide into development is likely a contributing element to his marriage. He additionally clearly has a weakness for youngsters. In spite of being moderately unconcerned with rejoining with his brother by marriage Krillin, he was warm to meeting his niece Marron. Likewise, he had a kid with his significant other, in addition to embraced two more. It is conceivable that his choice to receive two of his three youngsters may have been affected by his capturing on account of Dr. Gero.

When of the Universe Survival Saga, Android 17 has turned out to be substantially more settled than some time recently, and is a refined man, proposing that he is more develop than his past agitator without-a-cause identity. He has likewise turned out to be exceptionally easygoing and humble, not demonstrating much individual want past accommodating his family and securing the natural life. He additionally appears to consider his rivals more important, an entire takeoff from his past predominance complex self and the dangerously vicious nature of his substitute course of events counterpart. 17 is appeared to be exceptionally unconcerned and not influenced by any sort of news, notwithstanding when learning of his potential passing should Universe 7 lose in the Tournament of Power, declining Goku’s offer to partake in spite of the conditions. He additionally clearly has a weakness for youngsters, while apathetic regarding meeting his sister.

As appeared from his decision of profession, Android 17 is exceptionally outdoorsy, and thinks that its difficult to sit still, apparently coming from his already hyperactive nature. His affection for the outside may have been impacted by the nature-adoring Android 16, with whom 17 was dear companions. 17’s decision in a spouse, a zoologist, may have been affected by his occupation as a Park Ranger and happiness regarding nature. 17 administers to nature and was notwithstanding ready to kick the bucket to spare it by consuming on intergalactic room poachers and was ready to enable himself to choke in space to keep them from exploding. In the meantime, similar to his sister, Android 17 isn’t without a measure of realist want. His most prominent dream is to claim an expansive extravagance pontoon, in spite of the fact that it is for a straightforward objective of venturing to the far corners of the planet with his better half and youngsters. Amid the Tournament of Power, he demonstrated considerably more worry for his sister’s prosperity. At the point when rapidly understanding that she sprained her lower leg, in spite of her disavowal of it, 17 immediately kept an eye on it. Likewise, while before 17 would keep out of 18’s fights or demand battling alone himself, he was appeared in the competition to work in incredible cooperative energy with 18.


Android 17 was initially a human named Lapis, and the more youthful of he and his twin sister Lazuli. The twins were famous delinquents, who Dr. Gero would meet by possibility while searching for crisp material for his examinations. He at that point seized them and rebuilt them into Android 17 and Android 18.

He is the principal counterfeit human outlined by Dr. Gero to be made by fitting a human being with both bio-mechanical and computerized improvements. The bio-mechanical upgrades are natural substances designed after human cells, which makes it feasible for Cell to converge with the androids at a cell level. Since they are human-based, they can end up plainly more grounded in the event that they prepare. In spite of the fact that they don’t have to eat, they do need to hydrate. Likewise, their simulated cells break down gradually, so they age gradually too.

Winged serpent Ball Z

Cell Saga

Android 17 and his twin sister Android 18 are stirred by Dr. Gero when he is squeezed into a frantic circumstance by the Z Fighters, who have outperformed his desires in light of the exceptional preparing they persisted after Gero gathered their measurement information. Seriously unfaithful to Gero, as opposed to the android models which go before himself and his sister, Android 17 turns maverick on the researcher, spearing and executing him. Android 17 and 18 at that point continue to enact Android 16, and choose to challenge Goku; not on account of they have been summoned to do as such, however only as a type of stimulation.

17 easily stifling Tien

At the point when Vegeta in his Super Saiyan shape captures the trio, 17 and 18 beseech 16 to venture in and battle, intrigued to see him in real life, as that was their fundamental reason for enacting him in any case. Be that as it may, Android 16 declines to battle him, along these lines inciting Android 18 to volunteer. Future Trunks, Krillin, Piccolo and Tien Shinhan touch base as Vegeta’s support. While Android 18 rules Vegeta in the battle, Android 17 accepts the open door to inquire as to whether Android 16 will join the battle, however, as he at first expected, Android 16 would by and by quit. At the point when 18 breaks Vegeta’s arm amid the fight, Future Trunks breaks Android 17’s non-impedance détente in light of the fact that he couldn’t stand to see Vegeta harmed. Android 17 mediates and battles against Future Trunks, giving one hard hit to his head, practically thumping him out. Android 17 additionally gags Tien when the last tries to punch him, and he doesn’t give up until the point that Piccolo tries to spare Tien. He at that point easily vanquishes Piccolo, managing a solitary blow that about tears through the last mentioned. At the finish of the experience, everybody is rendered crippled other than Krillin, who is saved with the goal that Android 17 may see the others recuperated by Senzu Beans for another fight.

This is one of numerous cases that set Android 17 and Android 18 separated from their future timetable partners, particularly considering how much more grounded they are in the standard course of events than in Future Trunks’ future.

Android 17 with 18 and 16

Afterward, Android 17, Android 18 and Android 16 touch base at Kame House, asking where Goku is. Piccolo, subsequent to combining with Kami, challenges Android 17, trusting that he can vanquish no less than one of them and keep Imperfect Cell from retaining one of his objectives and accomplishing his ideal shape, which would spell fate. Android 17 acknowledged Piccolo’s test and battles to battling Piccolo one-on-one, as opposed to battle with Android 18, limitlessly expanding Piccolo’s opportunity to win. Piccolo seems to have the high ground in the fight until the point that Android 17 admits that he had been keeping down and playing with the Namekian. Once both go at full power, they find that they are an even match.

Rise to in both power and quality; Android 17 had favorable position on account of his boundless vitality and speed. Piccolo would coordinate that with his recovery and assortment of vitality assaults, for example, the Scatter Shot, Light Grenade, and a plethera of different assaults. Android 17 nearly gets harmed by Piccolo’s Hellzone Grenade assault, yet he secures himself with an Android Barrier, sadly.

Android 17, while battling Piccolo

The battle is a clear draw until the point that Cell’s entry intrudes on the match. Amusingly, Cell can distinguish Android 17 through the adjacent nearness of Piccolo, who had drawn in Android 17 of every a push to block Cell’s movement to flawlessness. Piccolo helps Android 17 in staying away from Cell and Android 17 says thanks to him consequently. While Piccolo tries to help in the fight against Cell, he is hurled aside after Cell confesses to have turned out to be more grounded. Android 17 winds up sickened when he witnesses Cell severely discarding the Namekian. While Android 17 is attempting to protect himself, Android 16 stages in to battle Imperfect Cell and can hold him off for quite a while by more than once astounding him with exceptional assaults, for example, his Hell’s Flash. Be that as it may, this sudden turning of tables makes a carelessness in Android 17, who waits to the scene of the fight, where the injured yet flourishing Cell shocks and at last retains him, setting off his change into Semi-Perfect Cell.

Android 17 being consumed by Imperfect Cell

All proof of Android 17 is annihilated alongside Cell’s underlying body, when Cell explodes himself as a final desperate attempt to develop triumphant in the Cell Games.

17’s life is reestablished after the Z Fighters utilize the Dragon Balls to resuscitate the individuals who kicked the bucket because of Cell’s crusade. A moment wish made to Shenron by Krillin evacuates the Android Bombs inside Lapis and Lazuli’s bodies. Krillin initially planned to utilize the desire to transform Android 17 and his sister into humans, yet this demonstrates past Shenron’s energy. Krillin did this since he thought 17 and 18 were intended to be a couple, until the point that Android 18 irately revised him and uncovered that 17 was really her twin sibling.


After the contention with Cell, Android 17 turns into a recreation center officer in the government protected habitat region of a massive imperial nature stop, where he is generously compensated. He is an exceptional monitor who does not keep down against poachers. It is a perfect occupation for Lapis, as he adores to be without anyone else and isn’t enthusiastic about collaborating with others. Since he is so great at his activity, he takes in a high pay. Android 17 likewise weds a zoologist. They have one tyke and two embraced kids, and live joyfully in a detached house inside the nature stop. He went and met Lazuli and Krillin one time, however did not discuss what he had been doing, conceivably in light of the fact that he considers such a healthy way of life humiliating considering his past conduct.

Majin Buu Saga

Child Buu had pulverized the Earth with his Planet Burst strategy, murdering Android 17 again alongside almost every other person. While battling Kid Buu on the Sacred World of the Kais, Vegeta requests that Dende make a desire to Porunga for the Earth and the lives of all its great willed tenants to be reestablished. The way that Android 17 was not excluded from this desire, as affirmed by his appearance, is evidence of Android 17’s intrinsic goodness.

Android 17’s concise cameo amid the Kid Buu Saga

Goku is gathering vitality for the Super Spirit Bomb with an end goal to crush Kid Buu, and in a rocky area, Android 17 is strolling down a woodland trail when he perceives Goku’s voice, at that point experiences two seekers going through. Android 17 raises his rifle to trap the two into raising their hands, unconscious that they are providing Goku with their vitality. To the seekers’ disarray, the android grins and announces “You beat me to it”, before raising one of his own hands.[3] what might as well be called this scene does not include the seekers; Android 17 just raises his hands to pass on his vitality while saying “So it’s Goku, huh? I haven’t heard that voice in quite a while.”

Winged serpent Ball Super

While enlisting individuals for the Tournament of Power, Android 18 is named as a proposal and Gohan additionally recommends Android 17. Goku in the long run meets with Dende, who by and by takes him to the island where 17 is found, additionally revealing to Goku that not exclusively is 17 a changed man, free of the shadow that once possessed his heart, he is likewise a great deal more grounded. Mr. Popo hops in and discloses to Goku he has been at the post, involved by the space around him, and revealing to him that he isn’t focusing on what is going on the Earth.

Android 17 works for an untamed life save, spending the days ensuring creatures on the island while fending off poachers needing to catch them, alongside an uncommon Minotaurus, who 17 accepts is the remnant of a dying breed. Goku, having at long last met Android 17 as he is doing combating more poachers, welcomes him. Goku states that he realizes that 17 is the one he was searching for, in light of the fact that his eyes look like those of his sister. 17 answers that they are twins all things considered. 17 discloses to Goku that he is allowed to help him on the off chance that he needs, after a colossal gathering of poachers show up, and advices him not to murder any poacher.

In the wake of pursuing them off, Goku and 17 go investigate a surrender where the Minotaurus lives, the brute assaults them and 17 asks Goku not to battle back. Picking up the sky, 17 portrays the Minotaurus as an imperiled species under the Red Data Book, and says that this species used to be accommodating, however developed to wind up noticeably exceptionally threatening to humans as a result of their steady chasing. The horns of the Minotaurus are very prized and esteemed, and that is the reason Android 17 needs to continue warding off poachers with his own particular life.

Super Saiyan Goku versus Android 17

As the sun goes down, Goku and 17 examine and mirror each other’s past, and they say how they never had an opportunity to battle as a result of Cell retaining 17. An inquisitive and energized Goku shouts that he needs to experiment with Android 17’s present quality, and changes into a Super Saiyan, needing “solid companions” to help him in the Tournament of Power, and surges at him. After a couple of conflicts, and two substantial blows from 17, Goku is overpowered, and states he is amazed by 17’s new quality. 17 answers that he had not been lounging around by doing nothing. As the battle seethed on, 17 demonstrates a few worries about battling close to the timberland, after Goku almost collided with it after a quick kick by 17, which sent the Saiyan hurling down, stressing 17. Luckily, Goku halted at last from hitting the close-by trees, to 17’s slight alleviation, and Goku chose to take the battle to the skies to abstain from hitting the timberland once more.

Android 17 utilizes android boundary

Goku uncovers that he never expected to go this far, however at last chooses to change into Super Saiyan Blue. Android 17 was at first irritated that Goku was condescendingly keeping down until the point when Goku inquired as to whether he was keeping down too, to which 17 answered that he was. Goku needs 17 to go full scale as there is no timberland to keep them down now, he at that point fires a God Kamehameha at Android 17, who squares it with his Energy Shield. 17 gave off an impression of being battling with Goku’s impact, yet, after the impact detonates, darkening him quickly, he abruptly shows up and charges at Goku. The two warriors take part in an equitably, however dangerous clench hand to-clench hand conflict, both shouting, obviously battling, after another blast, they take part in another dramatic battle, until the point that they wind up sprinkling into the sea, 17 stops the battle, seeing the dolphins rupturing. Stressed over their wellbeing, which Goku sees, 17 requests a break.

17 remarks that his old self would have definitely been crushed by Goku on the off chance that they had battled, however Goku isn’t exactly certain. 17 discloses to Goku that he purposely was not genuine yet. Goku lets it be known, however guarantees 17 is keeping down too. Them two grin at each other, indicating that the two suppositions are without a doubt rectify. Goku is currently happy that 17 is a “decent person” now and not an adversary, as he would be a ton of inconvenience to manage.

While having espresso and a casual discussion, 17 educates Goku regarding his family, and notices that he met his significant other amid his days in his activity, and had 1 kid with her and embraced 2 others. Goku at that point raises the brilliant inquiry: Will he battle in the Tournament of Power? 17 declines since he officially got a great deal of cash from his activity through pay rates, as Goku deceived him about Zeni being the prize, and not having the capacity to leave the island on the off chance that more poachers come. In spite of Goku offering Trunks and Goten to watch over the island, 17 still cannot, likewise realizing that Goku is concealing something. Goku enlightens 17 regarding being eradicated should Universe 7 lose, and 17 isn’t influenced by this news by any means, expressing that if everybody gets deleted then it would not benefit from outside intervention, at last declining Goku’s offer and wishing him good fortunes in discovering another person.

As 17 is leaving, an outsider power lands above space and is chasing the jeopardized Minotaurus and starts to attack Earth to catch it and take its horns. After the Minotaurus is grabbed, 17 and Goku are alarmed. The combine penetrate the ship and draw in its powers to recover the uncommon creature, with Goku securing the creatures and group while 17 goes for the supervisor. 17 goes up against the manager with Goku not to a long ways behind him, and the supervisor of the gathering endeavors to pay off them, yet 17 rejects and kicks him into the ship window. The supervisor uncovers he has a bomb in his body, and undermines to explode it on the off chance that they don’t take off.

17, not having any longer choices, advises Goku to apologize to his better half and kids for him and depends the wellbeing of the creatures to him, revealing to him that he would have extremely wanted to talk some more, and handles the supervisor out the window into space, taking a chance with his own life simultaneously. Goku, not needing 17 to kick the bucket this way, changes into Super Saiyan Blue to survive the vacuum of room and uses Instant Transmission, to protect 17 and the manager. They twist to King Kai’s planet where Goku acquaints 17 with King Kai, and says that he anticipates giving the manager self a chance to destruct here to spare the creatures. While King Kai hollers at Goku, saying that he isn’t a “bomb transfer unit”, Dende hinders and tells everybody that there is no bomb in the supervisor and he is uncovered to feign. Shocked, 17 irately instructs him to jab the catch, the supervisor asserting that he can’t. 17 irately requests him to push it and, amazingly, it just influences confetti to rain from his body, guaranteeing he hosted a birthday gathering to go to. It is uncovered that the galactic watch and Jaco arrived and help Goku and 17 in recovering the ship and creatures to Earth.

After Jaco leaves, 17 reveals to Goku that he will join the group to compensate Goku for sparing the creatures and for his assistance and will depend Trunks and Goten to ensure the island while he is no more. 17 thinks about the incongruity that he is on a group with the man he was customized to execute. Goku discloses to him generally and notices Tien Shinhan, Piccolo and Vegeta at one point in time were adversaries with Goku and now they are on the whole companions. 17 inquires as to whether Android 18 and his brother by marriage Krillin, the small scale priest as 17 called him, likewise apply. Goku affirms this, alongside Majin Buu, which stunned 17. Subsequent to being consoled he is never again malevolent, as he is the great portion of the detestable, unadulterated Kid Buu, 17 is astounded, saying that the guardian angel of the world is transforming his old foes into companions. Shockingly, Goku tells 17 that he wants to be a deliverer, and, as a Saiyan, his lone objectives are to battle exceptionally solid individuals, yet expresses that he can’t stand seeing blameless individuals or creatures get hurt.

Android 17 and 18 in Tournament of Power

17 was gone to by 18 and her family, they soon leave the island with Trunks, Goten, and Marron taking care of the animals. While touching base at Capsule Corp. he meets alternate individuals from the Universe 7 group, 17 and Piccolo strolled towards each-other and the two consciously shake hands. After Goku conveys Frieza to the gathering, 17 and the others are transported by Whis to the World of Void. After the Tournament of Power started, 17 (alongside Goku, Vegeta, 18, and Frieza) goes off without anyone else to battle against alternate warriors. 17 is seen battling rivals. 17 saw the devastation of Universe 9. He advises his sister to utilize their endless vitality further bolstering their good fortune. At the point when Goku was battling against the Pride Troopers, 17 and 18 acted the hero. 17 effectively avoided Kahseral’s assaults. Subsequent to overcoming the Pride Troopers, 17 interferes with the Kamikaze Fireballs’ Magical Girl Transformation, just to be condemned by the Fireballs and Toppo. After the change, 17 battles Sanka Ku. He effectively avoids her assaults and once he quit fooling around, he thumped both her and her partner, Vikal out of the field. 17 at that point continues to battle Brianne de Chateau. 17 at that point spares Goku from a vitality shoot volley by Su Roa.

Manga and Anime

Due to the bio-mechanical and robotic improvements Dr. Gero gave him, including a boundless supply of vitality and enabling him to have unending stamina, he was sufficiently effective to be an even match for Piccolo intertwined with Kami, be that as it may, regardless he had far to go, in light of the fact that he is said to have incredible potential, yet this potential was never released on account of his ingestion by Cell, it is following 10 years of preparing and working his life as a recreation center officer while, he could get to quite a bit of it. As per Future Trunks, his energy far surpassed his other course of events partner, much more so after he prepared inside the ten-year hole post-Cell Games, yet it must be noticed that Future Android 17 shrouded his actual energy to toy with Gohan, so it is likely he did likewise with Trunks, who thought Future Android 17 was weaker than he truly was. Display 17 later battled the smothered Super Saiyan Blue Goku, (17 was keeping down his energy also). Amid the Cell Saga, he was no match for Imperfect Cell subsequent to having consumed a huge number of individuals to expand his energy. In Dragon Ball Super, in the wake of meeting and battling with Goku, 17 concedes that he would have lost to Goku if Goku was available when he was awoken, in any case, because of his some time ago arrogant disposition, he never saw nor mind about this plausibility amid the Android/Cell Saga after he was stir, battled Piccolo, and afterward battled and consumed by Cell, where the two parred and gradually overwhelmed him. He is likewise more grounded than his sister, Android 18.

In Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 is right now the most grounded android made by the Red Ribbon Army and is later joined Team Universe 7 for the Tournament of Power. He is known to have become significantly more grounded since he last showed up (suggested to have prepared in the 10 year in addition to hole since his last appearance), with Dende noticing that if he somehow managed to in any case be a foe of the Dragon Team it would panic. He demonstrates this by overpowering Super Saiyan Goku and after that battling keeping pace with Super Saiyan Blue Goku (who was not utilizing his full power, however Android 17 was not utilizing his full power either). In the wake of winding up Super Saiyan Blue, in the official subs Goku additionally noticed that he didn’t plan to go Super Saiyan Blue amid the fight, however did as such as a result of how solid Android 17 was, however in the first Japanese Goku did not state this, rather saying he will make an effort not to execute 17 after utilizing Super Saiyan Blue.

Amid the Tournament of Power, he was indicated easily beating Jirasen. He could coolly stop Kahseral’s Justice Saber with one hand and effectively ceased his Justice Bomber with his Android Barrier. He could easily evade the vast majority of Sanka Ku in her Kakunsa frame’s assaults and notwithstanding when he was hit, Android 17 hinted at no harm. When Android 17 quit fooling around he effectively thumped Vikal and Kakunsa out of the field. He could battle comparable to the furious Brianne de Chateau in her Ribrianne shape, in spite of the fact that she could smash his Android Barrier in one blow. He could get Katopesla in his Whirlwind Speed Mode and impact him away. Android 17 could battle comparable to Rozie, and shot her out of the field with a Photon Flash after the last was hit by Ribrianne’s Pretty Max Cannon. He additionally effortlessly vanquished Biarra.

In Dragon Ball GT, Gero takes note of that Android 17 was proposed to have huge power more prominent than Cell’s, however he was a blemished and unsuccessful creation so his actual power lay torpid. In the first Japanese rendition, Android 17 specifies that he’s being loaded with the energy of Hell when he and Hell Fighter 17 open the gateway between Hell and Earth. It is later remarked by Dr. Myuu that the entryway amongst Hell and Earth was the consequence of the power reverberated by both. Android 17 had viably turned out to be considerably more grounded, keeping pace with his Hell Fighter partner. By melding with Hell Fighter 17, Android 17 can get to this genuine torpid power and turn out to be Super 17.

Android 17 doesn’t really get an opportunity to grandstand this power. He just battles with Android 18, and it was his aim to enlist her as opposed to really hurt her. In any case he kills Krillin, and he takes an ambush from 18 without managing harm. He figures out how to have enough won’t to slaughter her with his assault.

Articulations by writers and manuals

Android 17 uses more power than his sister, Android 18.

In an announcement for the Universe Survival Saga, Akira Toriyama noticed that Android 17 has extraordinary potential.

In a review for Android 17’s appearance in Dragon Ball Super he is alluded to as the mightiest Android, whose power outperforms a definitive after this decade-in addition to time hole since his past appearance.

Toshio Yoshitaka, a content essayist for Dragon Ball Super, noticed that he trusted Android 17 was the third most grounded on the underlying Team Universe 7 from at the purpose of scene 92 (preceding Frieza joins) – just being weaker than Goku and Vegeta, however he takes note of that since Gohan and Piccolo have become more grounded they might be better in control than 17.

Toshio Yoshitaka later expressed that Goku using Super Saiyan Blue in his enlistment of the underlying individuals from Team Universe 7 was basically to gage and inspire his rivals – particularly taking note of Android 17.

Yoshitaka later went ahead to express that from his perspective, Android 17 was equivalent to Gohan in quality and both were more grounded than Frost and Piccolo.