‘DBS’ teases Vegeta’s huge fight with new stills

Dragon Ball Super may have been off this week, however the sit tight will be justified, despite all the wait for fans At the point when the show returns one week from now, Vegeta will find himself in a battle with Jiren and Toei Animations just teased the showdown over on Twitter. Taking to online networking, DBS shared preview stills from ep.122. The episode, which will come out on January 7, will take after Vegeta as the Saiyan steps in for Goku to battle Jiren. Furthermore, as you may notice below, the episode’s stills look truly fierce.

Obviously, Vegeta looks rather concerned with his damaged forehead, and his crushed armor confirms it. His uniform has been broken by Jiren’s attacks already, also the chest plate he is wearing as a concerning bit chipped off directly finished his pecks. Vegeta is not the only character appeared in Toei Animation’s new teaser. Goku, Jiren, and Gohan likewise got a scene in the spotlight. For Goku, the Saiyan is appeared in a nearby looking concentrated as he stares straight ahead. His face is full of scratches, and the accompanying still uncovers exactly who the Saiyan is glaring at.

Obviously, for now, Goku’s opponent is none other than Jiren. The warrior is seen staring at the Universe 7 contender with a calm face, but Jiren’s angry eyes give away his mounting frustration. All things considered, the Pride Trooper thought he would seen the last of Goku following their first fight.

Regarding to Gohan, the half-saiyan is seen charging up a kamehameha blast for one of the Universe’s 11 enemy. His face is partially covered his shining attack, but Gohan fans can easily notice his famous bang. His hairstyle goes to indicate Gohan will use his Ultimate transformation during his next battle, so Toppo better watch out. The Universe 11 warrior is powerful, but Gohan’s mystical form is a hard one to deal with.


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