‘DBS’ Theory Predicts Why Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct Will Be Different

One of the greatest mysteries in DBS’s “Universe Survival” arc and the Tournament of Power has been the introduction of Goku’s new “Ultra Instinct” technique. It initially showed during Goku’s insane battle against Jiren (episode 109 & 110), and then again showed up when Goku was fighting Kefla (episode 116); Anyway, the correct idea of Ultra Instinct is a big looming question, as is its development.

More upcoming teasers and spoilers for DBS have revealed that this “state of being” could soon show in Vegeta as well! Vegeta will be trying to attain Ultra Instinct as the T.O.P goes on, however as one line of fan hypothesis speculates, the Saiyan Prince may be taking an alternate course to get there!

In ep.116, during Goku’s fight against Kefla, Tien and Whis have a conversation in which they talk about Kefla’s power and how she’s able to stand against Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Whis pretends that Goku’s attacks aren’t that effective – which fans have immediately
seized on as a great development and clue about Ultra Instinct’s use – and where it could become possibly the most important factor for Vegeta.

It seems to be made clear in ep.116 that Goku has only half-mastered Ultra Instinct, using it as a defensive skill. In other words, when dodging or avoiding attacks, Goku is reacting without even thinking at such speed that takes advantage of Ultra Instinct – however when attempting to attack, Goku still requires excessively thought and analysis to complete use Ultra Instinct’s potential.
That’s where Vegeta shows up:

Dragon Ball has constantly played up the yin/yang aspect of Goku and Vegeta’s rivalry, with the latter always serving as the more tough and cocky battle. Taking into consideration Vegeta’s personality and all his philosophy to fighting have fans hypothesizing that his form of Ultra Instinct will therefore be based on offense attack, instead defensive technique like Goku’s. Vegeta has noticed Goku’s method of achieving Ultra Instinct, which will most likely lead to the misconception that gets him hurt in ep. 117. The Saiyan Prince has always been a quick study though, and when at first he doesn’t succeed, he’ll likely discover his own way to Ultra Instinct through the crucible of aggressive battle.

This wouldn’t be a stunning new development for Dragon Ball – Vegeta has a long story of achieving new power or transformation by first seeing Goku do it, and then finding his own particular pathway to a similar goal. All the more significantly, this fan hypothesis leaves the door open to a potentially dramatic finish in the Tournament of Power: Goku and Vegeta fusing into Vegito, thereby creating a more powerful warrior who has mastered both parts of Ultra Instinct. In the end, it could be the only hope of defeating the monstrous power of Jiren!


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