Did ‘Dragon Ball Super’s Narrator Betray Gohan?

Dragon Ball Super is entering its last stage in the Tournament of Power, with the end of Universe 3 bringing the last contender count to eight warriors between Universe 7 and 11. However, a detail caught series fans by surprise. And that is the way the narrator secretly or not, threw some shade at Gohan.

Toward the finish of the last scene, right after U7 defeated U3’s warrior Aniraza with the ultimate team-up attack, the narrator kicked in with a hilarious question. Teasing the following episode, the narrator was questioning who might win between the U11 led by Jiren, and “U7, led by Goku.”
Twitter user @Terez27 had brought up that before the Tournament of Power kicked in officially, Goku had chosen Gohan as the real leader of Universe 7 (much surprisingly). They joke that Toriyama only forgot, yet it could likewise mean something substantially more sinister.

Also it could mean that Gohan might be next on the chopping block for the T.O.P. If not next, than quite soon. Most fans speculate a final six of Universe 11’s Dyspo, Toppo, and Jiren vs Universe 7’s Goku, Vegeta, and Freeza.

So that would leave Android 17 and Gohan as the exceptions. However, just because fans theorize the final battle would be between Goku and Jiren, it does not really mean that the order getting there is set in stone. Toriyama has flipped expectations many times in the past as well. The “Cell” saga even ends with the greatest surprise of all, Gohan taking the place of Goku in the final battle.

There is additionally at present a new Dragon Ball movie in the works for 2018. Not only does it expect to be the best movie in the series, original creator Akira Toriyama will be involved to the movie’s script and new character designs. There have additionally been details shared over its conceivable story. The movie will concentrate on the Saiyans, the “origins of Goku’s power,” and possibly the story of the first Super Saiyan God.

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