“Dragon Ball Super” Spoilers, Whis and Beerus are missing.

Hello guys! DBS Ep. 122 will be “on air” next Sunday, and it will be one of the best episodes in the history of the “Dragon Ball”. We have needed to endure a week long break because of the occasions, however we will be on track soon. A few days ago, some preview pictures were leaked online. I am really sure that you have seen those already. Currently, we got more such spoilers, and everybody has noticed a major exclusion from them. In any case, before I got and talk about the spoilers in detail, I am warning you about the spoilers in this article. If you don’t like leaks, I propose you to quit reading right now. However, if you don’t mind being spoiled, then let’s go ahead right to it. The preview pictures we got were from the following episode 122, of Dragon Ball Super.

There was an album of 4 pictures uncovered and every single one of them informs a lot about what’s going to happen in Ep.122 of “DBS”. The first one is from Goku against Jiren, and it appears like it is from before the battle against Vegeta starts. That makes sense, since Goku is not powered up. The following one is of Android 17, and Gohan.  They are going to battle versus Toppo, so I feel like that’s the reason they are getting ready for. In the meantime, we definitely realize that Freeza will battle Dyspo. Then comes the most disputable picture, the one that appears the spectators of the Tournament of Power.

If you see carefully, the God of Destruction behind Kuririn is Arak! Behind him is his angel. Beerus and Whis are mysteriously nowhere. This has surprised many fans. For what reason would they be with Universe 7 and their team? A possible answer would be that Vegeta’s Final Flash is going to destroy a great part of the arena, so they moved away before he could launch his attack. That makes sense. In any case, where did Beerus with Whis disappear to? I truly don’t know, however, they might be right there, but we just can not see them in this preview picture.

It would not make any sense for Beerus with Whis to vanish, and that too right now. Along this lines, no need to alarm. They are not in any sort of danger. There is also an picture of Vegeta versus Jiren included, and it appears that they are having a very rough fight. I would like to see their battle sooner, yet we will have to wait till the next Sunday.

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