‘Dragon Ball Super’ Uncovered How Much Stronger Jiren Can Get

Dragon Ball Super is moving fast toward the finale of its Tournament of Power arc, with Universe 7 contenders left standing against the terrifying power of Jiren and the Universe 11 Pride Troopers. After the show of power from Jiren during the midpoint of the tournament, fans have been thinking exactly how powerful the enigmatic contender truly could be. So, thanks to the latest synopses for upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super, we now have a clear scale for Jiren’s actual power!

According to Animedia outline for the following episode 124:

“Goku and Vegeta challenge Jiren together, yet even cooperating their attacks have hardly any effect. Rather, Jiren is going to raise his fight power much higher. What is more, Universe 7’s contender Gohan goes to assist Freeza as he fights Universe 11’s warrior Dyspo.”

If you’ve been thinking what the limit of Jiren’s power is, then you have a new answer to wonder: it is above the combined power of both Goku and Vegeta!

Jiren has been an enigmatic warrior hanging over the Tournament of Power, and it appears as if we may need to move past the Tournament of Power arc, with a specific end goal the full story on the honorable Pride Trooper. It is going to definitely be a fascinating turn of events, as these same episode spoilers uncover that Toppo is going to become a God of Destruction as a result of the tournament.

How Jiren will respond to his teammate’s new godly state, and in addition Jiren’s reason behind joining the tournament in the first place, are two questions that fans hope to carry us into the following phase of the Universe Survival arc.


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