God Of Destruction’s Overhelming Power, Toppo! DBS Eps. 125 SPOILER!

Hello everybody! I have some amazing news for all the “DBS” fans. Before we continue with the article, I would like to inform you that this article has spoilers for Dragon Ball Super. In this way, read it at your own risk. Vegeta and Goku are having dificulties to deal with Jiren, who appeared to get a new power-up. He has turned out to be considerably more stronger. I mean that’s insane. He was already powerful enough to go up against God Of Destruction, however a further power increase has really suprised me. A mortal who even the God of Destruction can not defeat gets even more powerful.

Vegeta and Goku can’t appear to land a single hit on Jiren. He is unbeliveable. Vegeta battling Jiren alone appears to be out of question. Notwithstanding, Jiren is not the only threat to Universe 7. In “DBS” ep. 125, Toppo will finally begin to take things seriously. Many of you might not recall, but Toppo is the chosen successor for Universe’s 11 God Of Destruction, Belmod. Much the same as in anime, in the manga of Dragon Ball Super, Toppo battled Goku in the exhibition match. However, there is a considerable difference in the result of the battle between the two. In the anime, The Pride Trooper managed to dominate Super Saiyan Goku very fast. Son Goku’s SSB transformation forced Toppo stop in his tracks.

After an intense fight, Toppo got furious when Goku harmed his uniform, and both of them powered up to battle all out. Anyway, the Grand Priest stopped the battle before there could be some harm to the warriors. In the manga, the battle goes on a different way. The match is slower. The real reason being that Goku shows off each of the Super Saiyan forms. Goku only goes far as his SSG form, however Toppo dominates him with his power. The Universe 11 warrior wins the match fair and square by knocking Goku out of bounds.

The elimination surprises Beerus as he didn’t expect him to get knocked out. Probably this was the first clue that was given about Toppo’s power. Now it is the ideal opportunity for us to see his real strenght. Thinking about the entire thing, Universe 11 has 2 “Gods of Destruction” on its team, Jiren and now Toppo. The spoiler for Dragon Ball Super ep. 125 is – “God Of Destruction Toppo Appears!! Pure Overwhelming Power!!” I think you can realize that Toppo is insanely powerful and the good thing is that we do not have to wait long to watch it.


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