Goku & Frieza VS Jiren And Toppo

Hello everyone. There are just 3 universes left in the Tournament of Power. Things are getting increasingly extraordinary as the Tournament is going to end. Just 10 more minutes have left in the Tournament of Power. If you follow the spoilers and everything else, you will realize that Universe 3 will aslo be deleted. In the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Universe 3 uncovered their trump card, which was Aniraza.

Aniraza was extremely powerful and all of Universe 7 battled this creature. In any case, at last, not even Universe 3’s trump card could prevent their end. Despite all the chaos, just Frieza is staying cool and enjoying the battles. He just takes a high spot and watches other individuals battle for his purpose. We realize that he has a type of plan and he is even prepared to assist Goku, in the event that it would help him to reach his objectives. With Vegeta and Jiren coming up soon, Frieza will be additional wary. We realize that Vegeta is likely going to end up being knocked out. In this way, Jiren will fight Goku in the remaining minutes of the tournament.

Goku will battle Jiren to guarantee the survival of Universe 7. I think that Goku will most likely master Ultra Instinct this time. Along these lines, he will have the high ground in the battle. At the point when Toppo sees Jiren being pushed back, he will decide to fight Goku with the goal that Jiren would have the necessary time to recover his power. Thinking about Vegeta as of now been wiped out, the next strongest contender in the Tournament of Power from Universe 7 is obviously Frieza. We realize that Frieza wants to win, so he will be fighting Toppo. This will allow Goku to get back fighting with Jiren and end the battle. In the meantime Toppo and Frieza will fight it out.

It will be a close battle as Toppo is extremely powerful too. He defeated Goku in the exhibition match right before the Tournament began. Although this is just a detail from the manga. In this way, it will be crazy to understimate Toppo’s power. I feel that these two battles will be the last and conclusive battles in the Tournament of Power.

It will seal the destiny of Universe 11 and they will end up being deleted. In any case, that’s the way by which I figure the Tournament will end. Obviously this isn’t the main way that Tournament can end. I really hope that the end of the arc will be worth the wait.


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