Jiren looks terrified for the first time so far

Hello guys! Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 is already out, and if you have not watched it yet, do it, because this article will contain spoilers from the episode. If you already have watched it, let us get directly into it. Ep.121 of “DBS” was great. We had Universe 3 go all out versus Universe 7, and not at all like Universe 4, they did not disappoint.

Anilaza was actually really powerful, and it required the effort of 5 of Universe 7’s warriors to stop them. Freeza, Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, and Gohan had to cooperate, and thanks to 17’s efforts, Anilaza was succesfully defeated. Yet, the fun has just begun. With Anilaza’s elimination, Universe 7 and Universe 11 are the last two universes standing in the Tournament of Power.

This unquestionably means just one thing. We are getting some more Jiren fights. He has been passive for a long time now, and I think everybody was waiting for the climax of the T.O.P in order to watch Jiren battling once again. From the preview, it was clear that both Goku and Vegeta were battling against Jiren as Super Saiyan Blue. Goku did not disturb Jiren. However, as Vegeta battled him, he began to gain on him.

This has stunned fans in the community, but I guess it is clear now that Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta is a lot stronger than Super Saiyan Blue Goku, thanks to the extra training. Vegeta actually managed to do what Goku did, without Ultra Instinct. He is totally blowing Jiren away and I am excited to watch that.

Even that was not clear from the preview, I could notice that Vegeta was making Jiren terrified. We have not seen Jiren like this so far, and he is all the time very calm, and composed. Even when Jiren battled Ultra Instinct Goku, he did not really look like he was in trouble. However, I don’t realize how Vegeta was able to do to him. Jiren looks worried, and Vegeta is putting everything he has into it. Onlyfor the record, I don’t imagine that Vegeta will be wiped out in the following episode.

Jiren likewise looked beyond any doubt when tanking Vegeta’s Final Flash. What is more, as Vegeta was powering up, Jiren was frightened. If I recall properly, Goku’s Spirit Bomb didn’t even tickle him, and he drove it back with a glare. This was simply too much Vegeta greatness and it was well deserved. We all already know that Goku will take the spotlight in the end, but also some Vegeta’s greatness is required. Unfortunately, we all have to wait 2 weeks for the following episode of Dragon Ball Super (due to holidays). Until then, happy holidays.



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