New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoiler Shows Vegeta Wreck Jiren

The most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super showed the elimination of Universe 3, leaving only U7 and 11 as the last two universes in the Tournament of Power. As only 8 fighters and 9min are left in the T.O.P, fans are certainly going to be excited to see it entering the last stages. What

Disney and Fox’s Merger Must Also Include ‘Dragon Ball’ Rights

Earlier today, the rumors about Disney’s and Fox merger came to an end with Disney managers confirming that Disney has acquired the film and TV divisions assets of 21st Century Fox. Different titles such as “X-Men” and “Fantastic 4” are now owned by Disney. However, those rights are not the only ones being passed along.

Toriyama Reveals What Inspired Him To Create “Goku Black”

DBS fans will never forget how amazing the Future Trunk’s arc was thanks to “Goku Black”. It was apparently the best arc till date in DBS. One of the main reason behind the success of this arc was indeed “Goku Black”. He is likely the greatest villain in the series so far. Recently Akira Toriyama

“DBS”S’ Studio Leaks New Angel Aand Jiren’s Secret!

Hello, I am here with another article and this time with some leaks that were recently released by Toyotaro and the Illustrator for DBS. So, with no more delays, let’s start: The Tournament of Power is as of now half finished and today we got something which does not have anything to do with Universal

‘DBS’ Ep.124 Spoilers Ultra Instinct Evolution (Limit Breaker)

If there’s one thing Dragon Ball Super Fans are waiting for, it is Ultra Instinct to happen once again. The Ultra Instinct has been the highlight of the Tournament for some, but Goku has experienced trouble summoning its strength at will. Meanwhile, a new leak for Dragon Ball Super is already out, and it seems

Why Vegeta and Goku’s Dragon Ball Rivalry Is So Lovely

Goku’s rivalry with Vegeta has been running for about 30 years. Their first battle began in the Dragon Ball manga in 1989. Since then Vegeta’s fixation with Goku has become one of the greatest clashes in the franchise. Goku has had a greater number of enemies in Dragon Ball than he’s had Super Saiyan forms.

‘DBS’ Theory Predicts Why Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct Will Be Different

One of the greatest mysteries in DBS’s “Universe Survival” arc and the Tournament of Power has been the introduction of Goku’s new “Ultra Instinct” technique. It initially showed during Goku’s insane battle against Jiren (episode 109 & 110), and then again showed up when Goku was fighting Kefla (episode 116); Anyway, the correct idea of

“DBS” Episode121 Spoilers, New Fusion Confirmed!

Hello folks. I have some great news that are going to surprise you. We’ve got the leaked title for “DBS” episode 121 and for sure, the episode is going to be really impressive. The episode is titled “Total War. U4’s body fusion vs Universe 7’s All Out Attack.” “DBS” is truly getting up its pace